We have NEW STOCK arriving.  Luthier Kits are coming any time now and we are super excited about these products.  Also DIY Guitar Kits are due to arrive mid-late May. If you see an item you are interested in that is “Out of Stock” please contact us for backorders.


  • Cigar Box Guitar - Parts and Kits

    Cigar Box Guitar - Parts and Kits (39)

    We have a bunch of different parts and DIY kits to help you make your dream CBG into a reality.... There's always new bits and pieces being added as well as several books (in our bookstore) and info in our instructions page.
  • DIY Guitar Kits

    DIY Guitar Kits (38)

    Our DIY Guitar Kits contain all the components needed to complete your very own electric guitar. Customise your artwork, experiment with an original finish or hot up the componetry to make your guitar the custom beast that you've always dreamt of – without the price tag........ Only basic skills and tools are required to assemble and finish these kits. All of the GME DIY Guitar Kits have been machined to clear finish grade, therefore can be clear-coated, stained, or painted. The raw wood components will require final sanding dependent on your choice of finish. If you see any item that is 'Out of Stock' and you are interested, please contact us for back orders as we will be restocked mid to end of May.
  • Guitar Plans and Templates

    Guitar Plans and Templates (9)

    Guitar Makers Emporium has added an ever expanding range of printed plans and cnc'd templates to help with building your own Guitar. The templates are Made in Australia with either 3mm or 6mm MDF, simply guide your flush bit router around the template for accurate and consistent results. These templates save hours of guitar building time. All templates are CAD drawn, and cut on our in-house CNC router. Our plans are Cad drawn and printed to 1:1 scale. The range of plans and templates is constantly expanding with new models being added all time.
  • Fretlight Guitars

    Fretlight Guitars (10)

    Whether you want to learn to play guitar or to simply improve your playing quickly, Fretlight guitars are the way to go. Choose from acoustic, or standard, vintage, traditional, classic and our pro model guitars. The LED lit fingerboard is the most efficient way learn songs, scales, chords, improve your soloing and become a better overall guitar player, for those of us with busy lives. Get good, fast - with Fretlight.....
  • Guitar Parts

    Guitar Parts (78)

  • Guitar Woods

    Guitar Woods (37)

    Our range of guitar woods is extensive and always growing. We stock both imported and Australian species and process the parts in-house. Our Qld Maple and Bunya stock is supplied exclusively by David Kirby - the worlds largest supplier of Instrument Grade Qld Maple and Bunya (Maton, Cole Clarke etc...), so, you can be assured that our quality is top notch and our supply is consistent.
  • Accessories

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  • Hardware & Electronics

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  • Tools, Glues & Finishes

    Tools, Glues & Finishes (32)

  • Featured Products

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