Guitar Wood – Acoustic Back & Side Set – QLD Maple

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  • Acoustic Guitar Back and Sides
  • Quartersawn
  • Sides – 880 x 120-140 x 5mm / Pair
  • Back – 550 x 216 x 4 / Pair
  • Bookmatched
  • Air dried

Happy to combine postage on braces, necks, soundboard and/or other parts etc….


(flindersia breyleyana)

QLD Maple is a highly popular and sought after Australian tone wood.
It is light, strong, has a fabulous tone producing strong mid tones and is striking to look at.
Golden in colour with light brown features.
It has a straight and wavy grain with frequent fiddleback features.
QLD Maple is ideal for backs and sides, solid bodies and necks.
It is used often for necks and neck and tail blocks because of its stability and lower density than other hardwoods.

Tonally goes well with: Everything. It’s a great all-purpose tonewood that will deliver a consistent, balanced tone in a variety of playing applications, from fingerstyle to strumming.

Our tonewood is offered professionally bandsawn and dressed on 1 side to enable the individual maker to thickness to their own desired dimension.  The pics are shown as the product will be supplied, however, this a batch of 10, so the pic is a random set chosen from the bunch.  If you require a pic of the actual set to be supplied, let us know and we’ll txt’d or email you.