Guitar Wood – Acoustic Back & Side Set – African Wenge

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  •  Acoustic Guitar Back and Sides
  • Quartersawn
  • Sides – 885 x 125 x 4mm / Pair
  • Back – 560 x 215 x 4 / Pair
  • Bookmatched
  • Air dried

Limited Quantity – only a couple of sets…..

The pics are straight off our drum sander (80 grit wheel) and wiped with a damp rag to show the figure/grain.  There is also a pic of the item dry.

Happy to combine postage on braces, necks, soundboard and/or other parts etc….

Millettia laurentii

“Wenge is the new Brazilian”, declares famed luthier Ervin Somogyi. ’13

Wenge is a large straight growing tree found from central through western Africa. It is abundant and should be commercially available for years to come. In 1983 this wood was first suggested to us as a guitar tonewood by maker Don Musser. In recent years as the price of Indian Rosewood has increased, Wenge has become a more viable alternative body wood. The grain of the Wenge sets is tight and straight across the entire width of backs and sides. The color is chocolate brown with evenly spaced black veins. This wood is heavier than either Indian or Brazilian Rosewood and is stiffer, but softer, with large pores.  Any binding/trim scheme contrasts well with the even, consistent color and grain of this wood.

Our tonewood is offered professionally bandsawn and dressed to 4mm to enable the individual maker to thickness to their own desired dimension.  The pics are shown as the product will be supplied, however, this a batch of 4 sets, so the pic is a random set chosen from the bunch.  If you require a pic of the actual set to be supplied, let us know and we’ll txt’d or email you.