Guitar Makers Templates – Tele 72 Deluxe Package – 3mm

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Guitar Makers Emporium – Custom Made Guitar Templates

Made in Australia with either 3mm or 6mm MDF, simply guide your flush bit router around the template for accurate and consistent results.  Perfect for the full time luthier or part time DIY guitar builder.  These templates save hours of guitar building time.  All templates are CAD drawn, and cut on our in-house CNC router.

Most popular styles are available as well as custom shapes and designs made to order.  Please contact us via email to discuss your requirements.  If we dont have what you need in stock, we may be able to make it up for you.

This template is a Tele 72 Deluxe package (made from 3mm MDF).  This includes: Body, Neck, Pocket, Tuner positions, Fret position chart.

We have pre-made necks and every part/component to complete this guitar – happy to do up a package with combined postage.

You can also bundle this template with our tonewood blanks – available in various species (local and imported).

We also have Standard Strat and Tele Template Packages – email us for availability and pricing.

Visit: for more info or contact us directly via email or phone (during business hours)

Contact: or 0487 204 865

nb.  While this body template is in the style of the iconic Fender Brand ™, we produce them in good faith (and within our legal right), but, do not claim this to be a Fender product, an exact copy or to be acting on behalf of Fender (USA, Mexico, Japan or China).