Guitar Body Blank – NG Rosewood – #RW33

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  • 3 piece Professionally laminated
  • 490 x 375 x 44
  • Size will do most guitar designs – seeoutline on pic.
  • Air Dried
  • Centre piece has spalting

#RW33 – actual piece pictured


(pterocarpus indicus)

NGR is easy to work, has really nice tap tone and is an underused timber.
Its colour ranges from a yellow, golden brown to a dark red (Red NGR).
The grain is even and some select logs have a “bee’s-wing mottle” figure which is spectacular.
It is a stable wood, classified as a moderate steam-bending wood.
NGR is used for Solid bodies, necks and is a great backs and sides wood.
Accoustically, it has a very bright ping when tapped.
It is generally a great tone wood.