Author: Willie G Moseley



Let’s tell it like it was: By the late 1970s, the Peavey Electronics Corporation was already respected among working musicians for its well-made, reasonably-priced amplifiers and P.A. systems. Then Peavey proceeded to turn the electric guitar-manufacturing business upside down when the company introduced its T-60 guitar and matching T-40 bass. High-quality instruments with innovative circuitry that evoked unique sounds, the T-60 and T-40 quickly carved out an impressive share of the guitar market. Moreover, the T-60 had a suggested list price that was less than half of the price of the models with which Peavey intended to compete… and Peavey’s list price included a case, while the list price of the competing models didn’t. This is the story of a group of Mississippi mavericks, led by Hartley Peavey and Chip Todd, and their quest to develop stringed instruments that were as durable, functional and popular as Peavey amplifiers. It’s a definitive American success story, and it’s only one part of the Peavey legend.